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An Online Electronic Musical Instrument

Posted by KirkUltra7 on July 2nd, 2009

This is the ToneMatrix, an online electonic musical instrument inspired by the fantastic Tenori-On.

I visited the Frankfurter Musikmesse 2 weeks ago and played with the Yamaha TENORI-ON. I thought, it would be much nicer when the triggered notes would force a wavemap to oscillate. It took me just a few hours to implement. The sound generation is basically a polyphone synthesizer with a simple delay with a variing read-offset to make the tones vibrating in the end. I am already addicted for myself to the cute sequences it always generates.


Click to play

Found via Beyond the Beyond.

(There is a great Tenori-On inspired iPhone app now available as well.)

Men in White?

Posted by KirkUltra7 on July 2nd, 2009

A cool bit of madness from the pages of Your True Tales.

The Strange Car

It was around 7 p.m. and I was walking from my house to my girlfriend’s house. The sun was still shining and the early evening air was still warm. As I passed the town’s small and pokey police station on the opposite side of the road, I walked by a small, white, old-fashioned car parked up on my side of the road. I didn’t take much notice of this; after all, it wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary. The engine was running, which I thought was strange as did not appear to be anybody in the car. Perhaps the driver had popped into the police station or something. . .

. . .

That same old-fashioned car that I had seen earlier was parked up in the exact same spot, opposite the police station. Again, it seemed as though there was no driver present, but we could hear the dull roar of an engine left running. I told my girlfriend that I had seen this car when I was on my way to her house, in the exact same spot, but of course it had not been there later when we walked to mine. She seemed a bit freaked out by this. I wasn’t; to my mind, there is always a rational explanation.

As we passed the car she screamed. She told me that she saw two dark faces with “odd” expressions peering out of the windows, but when I looked, the car was empty. She swore that she had seen two big burly males sat in either seat of the front of the car. I told her that it was her overactive imagination. But, now about 10 yards in front of the car, the headlights flashed on onto our backs and we heard what sounded like muffled shouting coming from within the car. Still, I could see nobody, but then again the brightness of the headlights made it impossible to make anything out. By this point I was freaked out too and we both started running. And I am not a person easily scared by anything. The whole situation was just so… unnatural.

Link (Cheers to Aaron)