The Kids in The Hall, the greatest comedy troupe to ever walk the Earth, have returned with an all new series called Death Comes to Town. The series is currently on IFC in the US. Death Comes to Town is a Twin Peaks-esque murder mystery with the Kids playing almost all of the characters. It is an absurdist comedy with a cliffhanger plot that keeps you dying to know what will happen next.

The Kids In The Hall – Death Comes To Town

The Kids in the Hall – Death Comes to Town on YouTube

The Kids in the Hall – The Complete Series

The Kids in the Hall – The Pilot Episode

The Kids in the Hall – Tour of Duty

The Kids In The Hall – Same Guys, New Dresses

New Kids in the Hall – Car Fuckers

New Kids in the Hall – Rape Kevin

New Kids in the Hall – Buddy Adopts

Brain Candy

Brain Candy Soundtrack

Brain Candy – Deleted Scenes

Brain Candy – Alternative Ending

The Odds featuring The Kids in the Hall – Heterosexual Man

The Kids in the Hall on MySpace

Kids in The Hall Live in San Francisco 2010

Death Comes to Town is not the first reunion of The Kids in The Hall to happen over the years. In addition to their live tours, the Kids have worked together in various combinations on a few projects that some might not be aware of.

Mark, Bruce, and Kevin reunited in the movie Unaccompanied Minors, playing security guards together.

Dave and Kevin also starred in the movie Sky High together as part of the supporting cast, who’s subplot involved the two of them (along with Bruce Campbell) as teachers at a superhero high school.

And all five members actually reunited for an episode of Lilo and Stich: The Series, playing the extended family of Kevin McDonald’s alien character Pleakley.

Lilo and Stitch – Fibber part 1

Lilo and Stitch – Fibber part 2

Lilo and Stitch – Fibber part 3

Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald have another new comedy series on the way as well, called Big in the 80′s, which looks hilarious. There is no word yet on the release date, so in the meantime, here are some clips of the two of them hosting and performing at a live music festival.

Kevin and Dave – Ships and Dip part 1

Kevin and Dave – Ships and Dip part 2

Kevin and Dave – Ships and Dip part 3

Kevin and Dave – Ships and Dip part 4

Kevin and Dave introduce Barenaked Ladies

There are a lot of Kids in the Hall group interviews and talk show appearances out there as well.

The Kids in the Hall on IFC Live

The Kids in the Hall Blog

Kevin, Scott, and Dave on Judecast

The Kids in the Hall and Kurt Cobain

The Kids in the Hall interviewed by Onion A.V. Club

Bruce and Mark on The Daily Show

Dave and Kevin on The Martin Short Show

Kevin and Dave on CNN

Dave and Bruce 1986

Dave and Bruce on Keith Olberman

The Kids in the Hall on Huffington Post

One thing I learned while researching for this article is that there are a significant amount of The Kids’ sketches (like this one) that were not shown on American television (at least not in the Comedy Central reruns). I am not aware of any list of what sketches were or were not aired, so I highly recommend checking through YouTube and Hulu to see if there are any you might have missed.

In celebration of their new series, I have obsessively collected every piece of Kids in the Hall info available online and listed it below.

Dave Foley

Dave Foley went straight from The Kids in the Hall to the starring role in NBC’s Newsradio, where he played Dave Nelson, a part written specifically for him. He did the voice for the lead character, Flik, in Pixary’s A Bug’s Life, and has popped up in shows like The Tick, Just Shoot Me, and even True Jackson. He was a judge on Thank God You’re Here and the host of Celebrity Poker Showdown.

He also played astronaut Alan Bean on an episode of the HBO series From the Earth to the Moon.

On film, Dave starred in L.A. Blues, White Coats, Fancy Dancing, Monkeybone, California Dreaming, The Strip, Blast From the Past (which he was classic in), and The Wrong Guy (which Dave also co-wrote).

Most importantly though. . . did you know Dave Foley had his own Christmas special?

Dave Foley’s The True Meaning of Christmas Specials

Dave Foley and Maura Tierney

Newsradio on Hulu

From the Earth to the Moon

Can’t Sleep with Dave Foley

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Dave Foley

The Wrong Guy

Dave on Scrubs

Dave on King of Queens

The Strip – Party Webisode

A Dave Foley Christmas Card

Dave, Conan, and Andy

Dave, Conan, and Andy

Dave, Conan, and Andy

Dave Foley’s Famous for Tips

The Sensible Traveler

The Sensible Traveler Blooper Reel

Dave Foley on Celebrity Ghost Stories

Dave on Mad TV


Netherbeast Incorporated

Hollerado featuring Dave Foley – Americanarama

Dave on Craig Ferguson

Dave on Craig Ferguson

Dave on Craig Ferguson

Dave on Craig Ferguson

Dave on Craig Ferguson

Dave on Craig Ferguson

Dave Foley on The Daily Show

Dave Foley on The Daily Show

Dave on Keith Olbermann

Dave Foley on The Sound of Young America

Dave on Dinner for Five 1

Dave on Dinner for Five 2

Dave on Dinner for Five 3

Dave Foley in 3D at Night of 100 Stars

The Strip

California Dreaming

Black Robot featuring Dave Foley – Cocaine

A Bug’s Life

Prep & Landing

Dave Foley on Twitter

Dave Foley and Fans

Dave Foley on The Tick

Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald continues to be classic in every way possible. In addition to his work with Lilo and Stitch, Kevin has been doing voices for a variety of different animated projects, such as Johnny Bravo, Thru the Moebius Strip, and Invader Zim (he was the voice of one of The Tallest). He also recently started touring a one-man show called Hammy and the Kids.

On camera Kevin has appeared on Seinfeld, Friends, Arrested Development, Las Vegas, Carpoolers, and more. He was in Ladies Man and had a major part in National Lampoon’s Senior Trip (which also starred frequent Kids in the Hall guest Nicole De Boer), and there are two indie films I discovered through IMDB that also star Kevin. The movies are Year of the Carnivore and Dinner at Fred’s, and both look really funny, but I have not been able to find copies of them yet.

More coolness from Kevin:

Kevin McDonald is a Moose

Kevin McDonald is a Marmot

Kevin McDonald is a Frog

Kevin McDonald is an Ant

Kevin McDonald is a Heron

Kevin McDonald is a Racoon

A Kevin McDonald Commercial

Kevin explains “Daddy Drank”

Kevin on Arrested Development

Kevin McDonald in Winnipeg for Love

Kevin on Newsradio

Kevin discusses Death Comes to Town

Kevin in National Lampoon’s Senior Trip

The Godson

Kevin McDonald interviewed by Onion A.V. Club

A Surprise Appearance by Kevin McDonald

Mark McKinney

Mark McKinney has been acting his ass off since the end of the Kids in the Hall, appearing on Saturday Night Live, Studio 60, Slings & Arrows (which he co-created), and Hatching, Matching, and Dispatching. He starred opposite Isabella Rossellini in The Saddest Music in the World.

Mark played the talk show host in the second season of Twitch City, playing the same character Bruce McCulloch played in season one, with an on-air cranial transplant given as the explanation for the change.

Once, while visiting Vancouver I saw a poster with Mark’s name on it. He was touring a one man show. I have not been able to find any video from this show, but it’s good to know that it existed.

Mark McKinney is currently the producer of HBO Canada’s Less Than Kind.

Check out his list of credits on IMDB.

Mark McKinney Speaks Out for Arts Funding

SNL with Chris Farley, Mark McKinney, and Elen Cleghorne

Mark McKinney on Corner Gas

Twitch City Season 2 Episode 5

Twitch City Season 2 Episode 6

Twitch City Season 2 Episode 7

Mark McKinney on QTV

The Saddest Music in the World

Slings & Arrows

SNL with Mark, Alec Baldwin, David Koechner, and Will Ferrell

Mississippi Gary Live

A Head-Crushing iPhone App

Bruce McCulloch

The first thing everybody needs to know is that Bruce actually came out with two very cool and completely indescribable rock albums. You must buy them.

Bruce McCulloch – Shame-Based Man

Bruce McCulloch – Drunk Baby Project

Since The Kids in the Hall series ended Bruce McCulloch has actually done a lot of work behind the camera, directing Dog Park, Comeback Season, Stealing Harvard, Back to Norm, and the hilarious Saturday Night Live movie Superstar.

Bruce was also the creator of the television series Carpoolers, a show which should have lasted significantly longer than it did. Dave Foley appeared in episode thirteen of the series, Kevin McDonald in episode seven, and Scott Thompson in episodes one, four, six, and ten.

As for his work in front of the camera, my favorite of Bruce McCulloch’s non-Kids in the Hall performances would have to be his role in Dick, where he and Will Ferrel played Woodward and Bernstein together. It’s definitely an unappreciated classic.

Brucio – Bruce’s Official Site

Bim and Verl

Bruce’s Journal

Rare Bruce Audio

Bruce on Death Comes to Town

Bruce McCulloch Final Fantasy VIII Mix



Twitch City Season 1 Episode 2

Twitch City Season 1 Episode 4

Twitch City – The Complete Series

The Odds featuring Bruce McCulloch – Make You Mad

Scott Thompson

Of all The Kids in the Hall, Scott Thompson’s career has been by far the most experimental. In the mid-90′s Scott launched, a website that was a virtual world ruled by all his different personalities – Buddy Cole, Danny Husk, Fran Wilson, Francesca Fiore, the Queen. The site was gone by the end of 2000, but the story did evolve far enough for the citizens of Scottland to have an election, with Buddy Cole winning the role of Prime Minister.

The site was years ahead of it’s time. Scottland was gone by the end of the year 2000 and, unfortunately, almost no video from Scottland currently exists online in any form that I’ve been able to track down. I have, however, found quite a bit of graphics from, and even a bit of audio, thanks to the magic of The Wayback Machine.

Scottland 1996 – 1997

Scottland Shopper’s World

Scottland Video Botique (with videos of Scott)

Buddy Cole’s Dry Martini Party Headquarters (with audio by Buddy)

The Scottland Election Debate Transcript

Scottland Post Office

The Bottom’s Up Cafe

Pelion Station (with audio by The Queen)

Scotland 1998-1999

Scottland 2000

Scott recently began a cool new audio series called The Scott Free Podcast, and before that was running a blog called ewe, where he wrote as Buddy Cole. Scott and Paul Bellini wrote a novel together as Buddy called Buddy Babylon: The Autobiography of Buddy Cole, which is truly classic.

There’s a movie called Super 8 1/2"" by Bruce la Bruce that supposedly features an appearance by Scott as Buddy.

A graphic novel written by Scott Thompson about another of his characters, Danny Husk, will be released later this year. It’s called Husk: The Hollow Planet, and it’s the first in a trilogy.

Did you know Scott had a band with Paul Bellini before they joined the Kids in the Hall? They called themselves Mouth Congress, and you can hear some samples of their music here, here (look for the gabcast boxes), and here in this episode of the Scott Free Podcast. It clear from hearing Scott and Paul talk though, that there is even more of it out there that has yet to be released.

And of course, it has to be noted that Scott was part of the cast of The Larry Sanders Show.

The Scott Free Podcast

Scott Thompson’s EWE Blog

New Scottland on MySpace

Scottastrophe on MySpace

Buddy Cole on MySpace

Scott Thompson Interviewed by Elvira Kurt

The Husk Report

Buddy Cole Live

Introducing Buddy Cole

Conan, Scott, and Andy – “Instant TV Movie”

Conan, Scott, and Imelda Marcos

Conan and Scott

Conan, Scott, and Andy

Conan, Scott, and Andy

Conan, Scott, and Andy (with footage from Pulp Comics)

Conan, Scott, and Andy

Conan and Scott – “In the Year 2000″

A Moment with Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson on Pulp Comics

Scott Thompson discusses Buddy Cole

Scott on Tom Green

Scott interviewed by New York Magazine

Scott in Beauty and the Beast

Scott Thompson and Kurt Cobain

Scott in Mickey Blue Eyes

Scott Thompson and Don Cherry

Scott Thompson at San Diego Comic Con 2010

Scott Thompson at Sand Diego Comic Con 2010

Scott’s Episode of Star Trek: Voyager. . .

Someone to Watch Over Me 1

Someone to Watch Over Me 2

Someone to Watch Over Me 3

Someone to Watch Over Me 4

Someone to Watch Over Me 5

Scott Thompson at Star Trek Memory Alpha

There is another Star Trek connection The Kids in the Hall that some may not know – Nicole de Boer, who frequently appeared on The Kids in the Hall as Laura, later went on to star as Ezri Dax in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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epic post man!

This is madness, wonderful, beauteous madness! You are a legend for doing this. Thank you!

Didn’t find it on the list, but it was just announced last week that Scott will be playing the “Dame” in The Beauty and the Beast production at Toronto’s Elgin Theatre from the end of November 2010 through the first part of January. Here’s a link to the story:

He also just did an interview published yesterday in NY Mag

Kevin did a live show called Hammy and the Kids and toured with it for awhile at some very big comedy fests.

They all keep saying that they’ve agreed and are planning to work together as a troupe again, somehow, so I can’t wait to see what happens! Their 2008 tour was insane — best night of life seeing them that spring in Madison, Wisconsin. Madness!

Everybody’s got to watch Death Comes To Town – Ridiculously Hilarious!

Thanks for the links Kyna! I can’t believe I forgot to mention Hammy and the Kids.

I’ve added all the different links you mentioned, as well as a link to Dave’s twitter, which he recently started using again (recently as in this morning, lol).

If anybody finds any other KITH links out there let me know. There is no level of OCD too extreme :)

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