This is a collection of articles by the famed occultist Phil Hine, one of the best writers there is on the subject of Cthulhu and chaos magic. I find myself re-reading his books Condensed Chaos and Prime Chaos on a regular basis, and recently I managed to find a copy of The Pseudonomicon which I had been searching for for years since seeing it referenced in The Invisibles. His books have had a tremendous influence on me, and I highly recommend his writings.

Articles by Phil Hine:


Occultism: A Post-Modern Perspective

On the Magical Egregore

Rips to the Edge

Kundalini: A Personal Approach

An Introduction to Dream Magics

Longer articles and out-of-print books by Hine can be found here as free e-books.

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[...] is a cool find – It’s an article by chaos magician and occult historian Phil Hine on the subject of incubi and succubi (complete with instructions on how to summon them). “In [...]

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