Alice in Wonderland Syndrome sounds very very fun

I stood up, reached down to pick up the TV remote control from the floor and felt my foot sink into the ground. Glancing down, I saw that my leg was plunging into the carpet.

. . .

Floors either curved or dipped, and when I tried walking on them, it felt as though I was staggering on sponges. When I lay in bed and looked at my hands, my fingers stretched off half a mile into the distance. These bizarre episodes were starting to happen more often, but because I was under pressure to finish my degree and get a job, I continued to put them to one side, figuring they must be stress-related or indicative of poor sleeping or diet.

I graduated and took a job as a system administrator in a new town, but instead of going away, my symptoms just got worse. Everything was now distorted, all the time. Walking down the road, parked cars appeared the size of Corgi models, while I’d feel disproportionately tall. At work, my chair seemed enormous, while I seemed to have shrunk.

. . .

Lying in bed, I would find myself staring out of the window, watching crows flying over trees 100m away, but able to see the details on each bird and treetop as if they were at arm’s length.

I want it.

Found via Warren Ellis

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